Zombies are all over the place. It’ doesn’t matter if we are talking about video games, movies or TV Shows. We also see them on T-Shirts and every year we know Halloween is back – and so are the Zombies.

Even Michael Jackson was already on a Zombie trip when he released Thriller.
So why we shouldn’t pay more attention to Zombies in our regular life.

Less surprising there is a cool 3D Designer working already on a Zombie Survival Kit.
Just in case the Zombies are trying to conquer the world. It looks like it’s the worlds first serious kit – after digging deeper into it, I figured it’s the best serious kit in the world.

So if I would be you, I would take more attention to it.
It’s work in progress.. but looks already very promising.

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3d mum getting started

Hello world,

3d mum is opening today.

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